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From Warehouse 13: A Stunner

You know the Tesla on Warehouse 13? The electroshock weapon that "zaps" victims into unconsciousness? QMx made the Tesla for Season 3 of the Syfy production, but it's no longer just for Pete Lattimer, Myka Bering and other select Warehouse agents. We are now making this very special piece available to you.

It's a completely original creation that only looks like it was composited using found objects. The QMx Tesla – part of our Artisan Master Series – is hand built from more than 70 parts, nearly all of them digitally modeled on the very first hero prop and custom cast, rendered or shaped. We guarantee its screen-accuracy because it is exactly the same as the prop used in the hit television series.

The QMx Tesla Artisan Replica features:

  • Precise modeling based on laser scans and computer-aided design.
  • Custom handmade acrylic cylinders for the vacuum tubes.
  • A baked-on black chrome finish that creates a mirror effect on the end caps of the vacuum tubes.
  • Custom-coiled springs and hand-coiled copper tubing.
  • Custom-cast Bakelite knob.
  • A laser-cut frame with a hacksaw-cut look.

Our Tesla comes with an elegant display stand that includes a hand-rubbed zebrawood base and graceful brass pedestal. It's all wrapped in canvas and packed in a handmade wooden crate. This handcrafted Artisan Hero Prop is being fabricated by Kenney's Custom Props, whose film credits include Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Fringe, Sucker Punch and Mission Impossible 4, exclusively for QMx. It is being offered in a limited edition of 500 pieces.




8.63 in long x 5 in high x 2.13 in wide

21.91 cm long x 12.7 cm high x 5.4 cm wide


Steel, resin, acrylic, copper, zebrawood, brass.



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