Plotting & Scheming

Spock, you traitorous pig!

– Mirror Kirk

Everybody loves a bad boy – especially us! And the Van Dyke beard-sporting Mirror Universe Spock of Star Trek: The Original Series is one of our favorites.

He's the parallel version of Spock in an alternate universe, where he serves aboard the Imperial Starship Enterprise of the brutal Galactic Empire. Like Spock, Mirror Spock is cool, collected and analytical -- but also ruthless. He orders killings and condones torture. He's ready to assassinate his superiors in order to rise in rank. He is logical and Machiavellian.

We've captured that bad-boy persona in our Trekkies Mirror Spock Q-Pop®, with the First Officer looking downright naughty. He is, after all, planning his next coup!

This PVC figure includes a word bubble and special Trekkies marker, so that you can add quotes or "sound effects."

Spock is just one in our series of Trekkies Q-Pops, so be sure this cunning little half-Vulcan is not stuck in that alternate universe forever!



3.5 in

8.89 cm




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