Rise From the Ashes

The phoenix medallion that protects the bearer from fire in the hit Syfy series Warehouse 13 is now a must-have for fashion-forward agents and those in the know. We've taken the screen-used prop and created a richly detailed replica in a burnished, bronze-like zinc alloy.

Even better, it's dual-purpose: Our Phoenix Medallion Replica is a key chain and comes with a matching chain to convert the medallion into a necklace.

So the next time you're threatened by open flames, just grab your keys or have this iconic medallion hanging around your neck. Remember, though, that according to artifact lore, the medallion takes the life of a creature nearby in exchange for the protection it provides.

The Phoenix Medallion Replica key chain/necklace will have you rising from the ashes in style.




2 in wide x 2.25 in high

5.08 cm wide x 5.72 cm high


Zinc alloy


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