Wash Lives!

Let your fellow drivers know you've got Wash on your side the next time you hit the interstate.

You've jackrabbited out of the grasp of Alliance cruisers, dodged bounty hunters, slipped out of EMP snares and whistled past Reavers, so their shenanigans mean exactly squat to you. What's more, they better leave you plenty of room, because you just never know when you might need to pull a Crazy Ivan.

The Wash Is My Copilot license plate frame is made of durable black plastic with letters imprinted in white. This plate has two screw holes and should accommodate most standard U.S. license plates.

Let them know you're a leaf on the wind.




12.31 in wide x 6.31 in high x 0.25 in deep

31.3 cm wide x 16 cm high x 0.64 cm deep


ABS plastic


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