Remember, Dinosaurs Rule This Land

Decked out in his favorite Hawaiian shirt, Hoban "Wash" Washburne remains at the ready to pilot Serenity through the Verse -- but not before just a little fun time with his favorite prehistoric performers.

Wash is the fourth animated maquette in our best-selling series of Little Damn Heroes. The figure's richly detailed resin captures the child-like wonder and sense of utter joy that make Wash one of the most beloved characters from the TV series, Firefly.

The maquette includes the two dinosaurs Wash plays with in his cockpit: a Stegosaurus and a Ceratosaurus -- both of which can be removed. Adding to the authenticity of the scene is a swath of sandy beach complete with graceful palm trees.

Offered in a numbered edition of 2,000. Catch this leaf on the wind before he soars away!




4.2 in

10.67 cm




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