5 Amazing Geek Cakes for National Cake Decorating Day

Tomorrow is National Cake Decorating Day!

Whether it's topped with frosting, fondant, or gel, we're constantly amazed by the skill and artistry involved in transforming simple cakes into mind-bogglingly detailed works of edible art. Sometimes the cakes look so real, we're not quite sure if we can eat it or not (we always try, though).

To salute these baking virtuosos, we scoured the web to find five masterfully decorated desserts, expertly crafted to emulate iconic geek rides. Let these confectionary wizards inspire you to try your hand at decorating sweets!


Star Trek USS Enterprise Refit Cake by Edward and Antoni Frys, via Cake Wrecks

1. Star Trek USS Enterprise Refit Cake

We've seen lots of ships from Star Trek get the sweet treatment, but this version of an edible USS Enterprise Refit by Edward and Antoni Frys quite literally takes the cake. Check out that amazing accuracy!

The Frys brothers spent three days welding a custom support structure to ensure the Enterprise held its quintessential shape, then painted every possible detail (including the Enterprise's aztec pattern) onto the ship's hull to take their edible starship to the next level. They also got creative with their use of materials: the Frys crafted a more rigid mix of white chocolate and Rice Krispies Treats to make sure the nacelles held up.

Unfortunately, the Frys' former website for their store, the European Cake Gallery, is no longer available, but you can see more progress photos of the cake build at Cake Wrecks. (While you're there, also check out the Frys' supremely awesome Wall-E cake!)


 Star Wars Millennium Falcon Cake by Cup a Dee Cakes, via Boing Boing

2. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Cake

Spotted on Boing Boing, this delectable rendition of the Millennium Falcon in mid-flight is simply superb. The Falcon is not an easy subject to capture in cake: after all, it's filled with lots of details like plating, rivets, ports and vents. But Jennifer White at Cup a Dee Cakes did a bang-up job, sculpting features into every nook and cranny of Han Solo's freighter. According to White, the 11x14-inch masterpiece took 40 hours to decorate alone.

The best part about this Falcon cake? Every inch of it - from the sensor dish and cockpit to the "support layers" below - can be eaten. It's truly the most delicious hunk of junk we've ever laid eyes on.

If you want to try your hand at making your own Millennium Fal-cake, White has some tips for you on her blog.


 Firefly Serenity Cake by The Cake Créche

3. Firefly Serenity Cake

Speaking of detail, another ship that's difficult to recreate in cake form is our girl, Serenity. Like the Falcon, she's also filled with loads of panel lines, bits and bobs to capture in order to look accurate. But Hazel Lim of Sydney, Australia's The Cake Créche was up for the challenge, creating this edible Firefly-class vessel as a topper for a Firefly/Serenity-themed birthday cake.

Bonus points for managing to keep that gorram primary buffer panel intact!


Batman (1989) Batmobile Cake, via Chicks Love the Car

4. Batman (1989) Batmobile Cake

While we've seen other, more challenging attempts at the Caped Crusader's many vehicles, we picked this sleek-looking version of Anton Furst's Batmobile for its overall presentation. The good proportions, well-represented details like the turbine engine and tailfins, and reflections in the windows all make this Batmobile look as great as it likely tastes.

We couldn't locate much information on this beauty's creator (best guess is that it was made for an instructional class from Planet Cake), but kudos to user Big Bozo on the Batmobile fan site Chicks Love the Car for the find.


5. EVE Online Gallente Space Station Cake

EVE Online Gallente Space Station Cake from Charm City Cakes, via Boing Boing

Last but certainly not least is this gravity-defying recreation of a Gallente space station from Charm City Cakes' Duff Goldman (of Ace of Cakes fame).

There is clearly some expert craftsmanship at hand here, with details packed in at every turn. The station's complicated structure is beautifully executed, with rows of windows and lights dotting the entire surface to near-perfection. The Charm City team even went so far as to include a few extra ships in orbit around the space station. Well done!


Have you seen other crazy awesome geeky cakes? Share them with us in the comments!

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