Super-Easy Captain Hammer Halloween Costumes

Whether you're feeling lazy, are broke, or just procrastinating, we've got you covered for Halloween with geek costume ideas that'll only require you to buy one essential item. Once paired with pieces that you (or a similarly-sized friend) already have in your closet, you'll be ready for trick-or-treating in no time.


Captain Hammer


Essential Piece: Captain Hammer Replica T-Shirt
Just add: A pair of black gloves, dark gray/charcoal cargo pants or shorts, black boots


Captain Hammer is one of our favorite go-to geek costumes. Not only is it fun to see how many in-the-know Whedonites actually recognize who you are, but you also get to act as self-centered and conceited as possible - for accuracy's sake, of course. Thankfully, once you have one of our replica Captain Hammer tees, the rest is easy to throw together.


The Gloves

You can go with any old black gloves you happen to have on hand, but if you really want to nail the look of the gloves Nathan Fillion sports in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, look for rain or safety gloves that have longer, gauntlet-style cuffs that hit midway up your forearm. Bonus points if you can find a pair that have a buckle and/or strap.


Cargo Pants/Shorts

Production photos show Captain Hammer's pants to be of a greyish color. If you're really going for full accuracy, find a pair of charcoal-colored cargo pants. If you're having trouble locating some, you can always go with any other darker-colored cargo pant (also feel free to wear shorts if you're in need of the extra ventilation). As long as there are cargo pockets, the look will translate well enough. Don't forget to add a black belt!


Black Boots

Finally, complete your Hammerrific look with a pair of black boots. Any pair of black combat-style boots will probably suffice, but if you want to get even closer to a screen-accurate appearance, look into a pair of ankle-high work or tactical boots.


Now hold your head high, puff out your chest, and do your best hero stance. Repeat as necessary. Done! Now you're ready to fight the homeless....ness problem that plagues this city.


Come back next week for more easy geek costumes that can be assembled in a flash!


Have you ever rocked a Captain Hammer costume for Halloween or cosplay? Show us your pics!



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