Super-Easy Jayne Cobb Halloween Costumes

Whether you're feeling lazy, are broke, or just procrastinating, we've got you covered for Halloween with geek costume ideas that'll only require you to buy one essential item. Once paired with pieces that you (or a similarly-sized friend) already have in your closet, you'll be ready for trick-or-treating in no time.


Jayne Cobb


Essential Piece: Jayne's Hat Replica
Just add: one of Jayne's t-shirts (or any plain, neutral-colored tee), cargo pants or shorts, toy guns and holsters, black boots (optional: fingerless gloves)


Another easy costume idea to throw together is Firefly's Jayne Cobb. Luckily, the most recognizable piece of this outfit is Jayne's iconic knit hat. The rest can consist of real-world clothing items, giving you plenty of flexibility to pull from your existing wardrobe.


The Shirt

Feel free to use any plain shirt in an olive or heather color if you want to keep your out-of-pocket costs low. However, you can opt to go the extra mile by wearing any of Jayne's replica shirts from the show: choose from the Fighting Elves, Pin-Up Girl, Troublemaker or Blue Sun tees.

Another fun option: take the Blue Sun tee, cut off the sleeves and slash it across the chest to go as "Better in Red" Jayne from the Firefly episode "Ariel".


Cargo Pants/Shorts

Since Jayne is a mercenary, much of what he wears is standard-issue apparel that you can find at military surplus stores. Any cargo pant or short in an olive, khaki or tan color will work just fine.


Weaponry, Holsters, Accessories

Finally, no gun-for-hire worth his or her salt would go on a job without some artillery at the ready. Of course, Jayne's weapon of choice would be his very favorite gun, Vera, but Vera is a highly customized weapon that isn't readily available for purchase. A toy pistol or two will suffice here, as will a toy rifle. (Extra credit: keep a few toy grenades handy!) Complete your utilitarian look with a leg holster and optional fingerless gloves. All that's left is to don a pair of black boots and you're ready for action.


For an added layer of awesome, toss out a few of Jayne's choice one-liners throughout the night. What better icebreaker is there than to ask fellow Halloween-goers if your hat looks pretty cunning?


Come back for more easy geek costumes that can be assembled in a flash!


Are you going as the Hero of Canton, Jayne Cobb, for Halloween? Show us your pics!


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