Super-Easy Star Trek Redshirt Halloween Costumes

Whether you're feeling lazy, are broke, or just procrastinating, we've got you covered for Halloween with geek costume ideas that'll only require you to buy one essential item. Once paired with pieces that you (or a similarly-sized friend) already have in your closet, you'll be ready for trick-or-treating in no time.


Star Trek Redshirt


Essential Piece: Star Trek Replica Badge - Engineering
Just add: a long-sleeved, red v-neck shirt, a black mock turtleneck, black trousers and shoes


Here's another easy Halloween costume that can be pulled off on a budget: a redshirt from Star Trek. Our Star Trek Engineering badge will serve as your identifying mark for this outfit. The rest of the uniform can be put together using fairly common wardrobe staples, making this costume one of the easiest to pull from existing closet pieces.


The Uniform

If you're going for a high degree of accuracy, nothing beats the screen-accurate replica tunics and uniform shirts from our good friends at Anovos.

But if you'll settle for capturing "the look", simply affix one of our badges onto any plain, long-sleeved v-neck shirt in red. Don't forget the black mock turtleneck underneath your red shirt to resemble the standard issue Starfleet uniform more closely. Finish your look with a pair of black trousers or slacks and some black shoes.


If you're just looking to go as a redshirt who has yet to meet his or her fate, then you can stop here. (We told you it'd be easy!) However, if you want to go for an extra degree of difficulty, why not up your clever factor and go as an injured or dead redshirt? 



Optional: Dead/Injured Redshirt Accessories

Everyone knows that if you're beaming down planetside as part of an away team, you're not long for this world. If you want to add to your redshirt costume's originality factor, add some injury details to let your fellow partygoers know your away mission didn't go as planned.

Wrap a bloody gauze head wrap around your head for a quick and easy way to convey injury. If you're going for the "full-on dead" look that our redshirt friend above has experienced, look for zombie or vampire Halloween makeup kits. Not only do these kits include gray and/or white face paints to give you that deathly look, some may also come with blood capsules that'll let you add a few blood spots on your face, neck or shirt.


Are you planning a Star Trek-themed costume for Halloween? Show us your pics!


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