Hot Topic and QMx Join Forces

LOS ANGELES – August 14, 2010 – "Don't Buy Our Shirts!" – Four words we're sure you never expected to hear from us. It's true, though. We don't want you to buy our shirts. At least not from us.

Through an exclusive partnership, QMx licensed t-shirts are now available on Hot Topic's website (yes, the very same Hot Topic you bought your first fishnets and combat boots at).

We want you to buy them through Hot Topic via these links:

We want these shirts to be a big success for Hot Topic, so they pick them up for their entire network of stores. What better way to spread the word about Firefly, Serenity and Dr. Horrible than to get cool licensed T-shirts into one of the largest mainstream T-shirt resellers in the world?

Hot Topic has a great track record of helping market shows, movies, bands and artists by attracting new fans to the fandom! And let's face it – the world can only be a better place with more Browncoats and Dr. Horrible fans, right?

In short, if you're thinking of buying one of our shirts, please buy them from Hot Topic. Not only will you get an awesome bit of apparel, you'll be helping us spread the word about two of our favorite Whedonverse franchises.

Just another step in our plan for world domination. We think Bad Horse would approve.

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