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LOS ANGELES – March 21, 2013 – Entertainment Earth has been carrying QMx products since 2008 and now ranks as one of our top five resellers. EE currently carries more than 100 different QMx items.

Marissa Black, marketing manager of the Simi Valley-based retailer and wholesaler of action figures, bobble heads, toys, gifts and collectibles, offers her take on EE's partnership with QMx and on the collectibles business.

QMx: Which of our products or categories seem to resonate well with your customers?

Marissa Black: All your products do pretty well but our clients LIKE QMx prop replicas!

QMx: Do you have any favorites among the things we carry?

MB: Personally, I like the Trekkies Q-Pop Figures. I love that you can add your own quotes or "sound effects" in the word bubbles … so awesome!

QMx: Do you market our items differently, since we tend to specialize in screen-accurate items and emphasize authenticity?

MB: We definitely use those two factors as cool facts and/or features about your products when we introduce them to our clients.

QMx: What would like to see more of from us? Any particular license or category or type of product?

MB: More prop replicas, of course, and I thought the Super 8 Alien bust was pretty cool – so more busts!

QMx: What trends do you see among customers in the collectibles industry? Consider the economy, the scrutiny of blogs and forums, and powerful fan interest.

MB: They're really using technology. More and more customers are using their smartphones, iPads, etc., to buy products. They are also using social media for many different things: as a soapbox essentially to advocate desired products; to create fan communities; to interact/communicate with companies; to buy and review products – the list goes on and on.

QMx: What would you want our readers who may not be familiar with EE to know about your company?

MB: From Star Wars to Walking Dead, Entertainment Earth offers avid fans and collectors a number of collectibles and memorabilia to add their collections. They can find action figures, statues, T-shirts and much, much more from companies like Hasbro, Enterbay, Mattel, Square Enix, NECA … the list can go on and on. They will have fun exploring our website finding all kinds of treasures!

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