QMx to Create Mini Metal Star Wars Ships

Clockwise from top: Star Destroyer, Slave I, Millennium Falcon

LOS ANGELES — February 10, 2014 — Quantum Mechanix Inc. (QMx) announced that it has secured an agreement with Lucasfilm Ltd. to produce a premium line of die-cast replica key chains featuring the vehicles and emblems of the Star Wars universe.

QMx has already taken ships from such venerable sci-fi franchises as Star Trek, Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, and captured them in metal with a degree of care and detail not typically seen in a key-chain format. Using digital files from the Lucasfilm archives, QMx’s first key chains — the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, Slave I and the Millennium Falcon — will be replicated in a steel alloy with the same precision used to create its best-selling Serenity, Enterprise D and Viper Mark II key chains.

QMx's Star Wars Replica Key Chains, each averaging 2 inches long, are currently in development and will provide fans with an affordable way to collect their favorite Star Wars vehicles:

“We’re re-creating these iconic ships in a scale and format never seen before,” said Jared Chapman, director of product development at QMx. “These will give fans a way to express their inner selves — be they a Mandalorian bounty hunter, Imperial loyalist or rogue smuggler.”

“There’s something wonderful about having your favorite starship on your key ring,” said Andy Gore, CEO of Quantum Mechanix. “Every time you use your keys, you see this detailed metal totem of a cherished memory. I think that's why QMx's replica key chains have always been bestsellers.”

The first three Star Wars Replica Key Chains will be on display February 16-19, 2014 during the American International Toy Fair at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. Availability and pricing will be announced soon.

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