Firefly Kaylee Papercraft Figure at NYCC 2014

Kaylee Paper Figure

LOS ANGELES — October 6, 2014 — QMx returns to the Verse with the next release in our Firefly papercraft figure series, Kaywinnet Lee Frye, in celebration of our upcoming role-playing game, Firefly Online.

Your first opportunity to add Kaylee, designed by Argentine artist Gus Santome, to your paper figure crew is October 9-12 at New York Comic Con 2014. Here's how:

  1. Simply visit QMx at Booth #562 and flag down a friendly QMx staffer.
  2. We'll get you signed up for the QMx Insider newsletter, your inside track on all the latest and greatest from QMx.
  3. Once you've completed your sign-up, we'll hand over the unassembled figure of the shiniest mechanic in the Verse. 

With a little patience and glue, Kaylee can soon join your paper figure Captain Mal aboard the Serenity for more big damn adventures out on the raggedy edge!


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