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LOS ANGELES — October 22, 2014 — When it comes to great ideas for geeky Halloween costumes, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking to pull off an ensemble on a budget or finish your outfit with the perfect accessory, QMx can enhance your getup with these essential items:

A sampling of our cosplay ready T-Shirts

For those who prefer the look of a manly mercenary, consider our line of screen-accurate replica Firefly T-shirt designs for Jayne Cobb, the Hero of Canton. Simply pick your favorite (the iconic Fighting Elves or Blue Sun tees are good options), add a toy gun, and closet staples like cargo pants and boots, and you’ll be looking pretty cunning in no time. Go the extra mile by adding a fuzzy pom-pom hat!

Another easily executed costume option is Dr. Horrible’s Captain Hammer. We’ve got his trademark tee: All you need are cargo pants, and some black gloves and boots. Turn your ego up to 11 for one fully Hammer-approved ensemble. 

Star Trek Tribble

Trekkies can reenact Captain Kirk’s infamous cargo hold scene from the Star Trek episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles." If you can’t get ahold of a fancy TOS tunic, just wear a long-sleeved light green shirt (affix some gold trim for authenticity) and black pants. Then comes the fun part: Attach as many tribbles as you can to your outfit for one uniquely geeky costume. We have the furry little critters overrunning our warehouse.

While simple tricks might satisfy some, if you’re the type that takes Halloween seriously, consider accessorizing with screen accurate badges and extras you can get only from QMx.

Star Trek prop replicas (not to scale)

If you’re dressing as an Enterprise crew member from the J.J. Abrams Star Trek films, add the perfect finishing touches to your Starfleet uniform with affordable, screen-accurate prop replicas like our metal insignia badges, Starfleet Academy rings, or Phaser replica. No matter what you choose, any of these props will ensure that you are the best-dressed Starfleet officer in the room.

If your Trek costume falls in the Deep Space 9/Voyager timeline, look no further than our Star Trek: Voyager Badge Replicas. These are cast from screen-used molds to ensure an accurate size and shape. Instead of resin, they're produced in a beautiful metal, allowing you to wear something truly worthy of Starfleet. They even attach via strong, short-field magnets to keep your costume pinhole-free.

Firefly accessories (not to scale)

And finally, if you’ll be dressing up as Malcolm Reynolds for Halloween, you’ll want to pay attention to the little things to impress fellow Browncoats. Consider adding details like a pair of Mal’s 26th century Dog Tags to your outfit, or stash a roll of Alliance credits from our Bank Heist Money Pack in your back pocket to propel your costume from good to great. Who knows? People might just mistake you for Captain Mal. Just be prepared for a few fights.

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