A Totally 80s Black Friday Sale!

-- Friday, November 25th -- 

We're adding a splash of neon and nostalgia to Black Friday by putting your 80s faves -- and ours -- on sale for 30% off. 

You're sure to find something for everyone on your list with our totally tubular gift guide:

Ripley With Power Loader Q-Fig Elite

Remind that special someone in your life that they're your hero with a Ripley With Power Loader Q-Fig Elite.


Alien Queen Q-Fig Max Elite

Wanna know the ultimate way to say "Slay, Queen"? It's as simple as grabbing an Alien Queen Q-Fig Max Elite for the one you love.


Alien Xenomorph Q-Fig

There isn't a better desk buddy in the universe we can think of than the Alien Xenomorph Q-Fig.  


Jack Burton Q-Fig Elite

If you've got a friend who's always swooping in to save the day, show them you appreciate their quick reflexes with a Jack Burton Q-Fig Elite.


Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Q-Fig

This Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Q-Fig is the stuff dreams -- well, nightmares -- are made of and is sure to please any horror fan you're shopping for. 


Predator Q-Fig Max Elite

Pick up a Predator Q-Fig Max Elite for the ultimate boss in your life. 


Shiftsuit Predator Q-Fig Max Elite

If you've got a Predator fan in your life who's a little...shall we say "extra"...then the Shiftsuit Predator Q-Fig Max Elite is definitely the gift to go with. 

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