Challenge Coins: Collectibles Rich in Tradition

Firefly Challenge Coin — SDCC 2016 Exclusive

LOS ANGELES — July 11, 2016 — Join in and show your allegiance with specially minted challenge coins from QMx!


Challenge coins originated in the military as a way to show membership and camaraderie. They’re also presented in recognition of a special achievement or to commemorate a special event.

The legend dates back to World War I, when a downed U.S. pilot was forced to land behind enemy lines. After managing to escape his German captors, he made his way to a French outpost. Only by showing his squadron’s insignia on his medallion was he able to avoid execution.

Supernatural Challenge Coin

The tokens caught on, and soon soldiers were challenging each other to present their coins. Those who didn’t have them had to buy drinks for those with coins. And if members had their medallions, the drinks were on the challenger.

There’s even a secret handshake for passing along a challenge coin. With the medallion in the palm of the hand, the presenter shakes the hand of the recipient and then turns the recipient’s hand so the palm is upward to receive the coin.

Collecting Now

Today, challenge coins are a morale booster at many different organizations — from the Federal government to sports teams, civic groups and fan clubs.

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Coin

QMx offers beautifully detailed challenge coins for sci-fi and pop culture collectors. Our medallions feature solid metal construction, colorful enamel paint and stylish packaging that’s suitable for display.

QMx will debut two new coins at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2016:

More challenge coins are on the horizon, including one for the upcoming DC Comics film Suicide Squad. Check out our offerings on this website and get ready to be challenged!


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