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First thing’s first: Make sure your product titles are optimized. Don’t include irrelevant information to try to “stuff” the title---it looks tacky, scammy, and ruins a customer’s ability to trust you. This is a common mistake for many users new to this platform. Instead, make it as relevant to the product as possible. This not only looks better but will also allow your listing to rank higher on Amazon. This will increase the likelihood that your product gains a buyer’s attention and will allow you to drive more sales.

An eye for detail is not only important when writing good titles, but also proves useful when looking for opportunities with ASIN’s where there is less competition. If you know of a product that has less than 50 reviews and you don’t see very many offers on the product, then you may have found an opportunity to get a headstart on selling that particular product. After all, it is far easier to make sales on an ASIN with 3 offers than it is with 30 other offers. 

Lastly, although a customer may not always be right, good customer service is always helpful! Strive to offer a flexible and generous return policy and respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. Be proactive when asking for customer ratings because this plays a role in your rankings as well. Believe it or not, your actions and behavior on the platform matter in every sense of the word. Amazon looks at your response time, store ratings, and how fast you ship out products as one of many factors in your account health. So whatever involvement you have with customers, aim to be the best you can be. 

As you can see, there are a number of ways sellers can win the Buy Box apart from just lowering the price of the product. Sellers can be myopic and only focus on price but success on Amazon requires so much more than that. Treat your selling account holistically by improving your seller performance, offering faster shipping options, asking for customer feedback, and selling at a competitive price when feasible. You are sure to grow leaps and bounds when you focus on being the best seller you can be.

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