Newly Arrived! Suicide Squad Lapel Pins


LOS ANGELES — August 19, 2016 — Supervillains unite! Or at least pretend to get along with your fellow elite strike-force team members as you take on dangerous covert missions.

Each of our three sets of Suicide Squad Lapel Pins include three richly enameled designs that are based on artwork straight from DC Comics' design vault and are only $14.95 per set.

Set 1
  • Deadshot.
  • Enchantress. 
  • Captain Boomerang.
Set 2
  • Killer Croc. 
  • Katana.
  • El Diablo.
Set 3
  • Rick Flag.
  • Harley Quinn.
  • Slipknot. 

Check out Suicide Squad Lapel Pins — Set 1, Set 2, and Set 3. They are great additions to your supervillain collection.

Complete the set with the Comic-Con International San Diego 2016 exclusive pin for the Joker.  Still available on the QMx website.

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