QMx Tips: Organizing Your Workspace for Fun and Productivity

Whether you work from home, commute to an office, or do a hybrid of both, the key to establishing a solid work/life balance is creating boundaries. As much as possible, it’s important to keep your workspace organized and separate from the rest of your “off the clock” space. After all, even Clark Kent makes time to take off his glasses and get away from his mild-mannered Daily Planet reporter persona. And when he isn’t saving the world as Superman, we’re pretty sure he also treats himself to some super self-care by taking long walks with his best buddy Krypto the Superdog

While drawing a line between work and life is important, you should also know that it can still be fun! After all, we did say “drawing” right? One of the most appealing parts of being a pop culture collector is showing off your collection and what better place and time to do so than in a work environment? Whatever your workspace, there’s always a place to fit in a little fandom to help a long day go by more quickly. For example, decorating your desk with your favorite Q-Figs and QMx plush is a great way to showcase your personality while also having the comfort of your very own “desk buddies” to keep you company. What’s more, having an awesome collectible or two (or more!) hanging around your workspace can totally help stimulate creativity.

Pennywise Zippermouth Plush

One example of this is the interactive feature of our Zippermouth plush. Consider them as a sort of soft and cuddly fidget toy that you can play with while you’re mulling over an important email or prepping for a big presentation. 


Jack Burton Q-Fig Elite

Keeping a Q-Fig Elite like Big Trouble in Little China’s Jack Burton on hand will ensure you never forget that “It’s all in the reflexes.”


Spider-Ham Q-Fig

And our Spider-Ham Q-Fig Diorama is a great reminder to take your lunch breaks!


Howard The Duck Qreatures Plush

 Our Qreatures plush are designed to sit and stay like Howard the Duck here. Just make sure you let him know who’s boss or else he may try to commandeer your keyboard! 


Deadpool Q-Fig

Maintaining a good work/life balance starts with setting up an ideal environment. While you want to maximize your efficiency and productivity, the most important thing to remember is to make time to focus on your mental health. Surrounding yourself with reminders of what makes you happy will help keep your stress levels low. Your workday will never be boring when you’ve got a gaggle of friendly and fun QMx collectibles by your side.  

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