Remembering Andy Gore

Andy Gore, a remarkable innovator and the visionary mastermind behind Quantum Mechanix Inc. (QMx), a revolutionary pop culture collectibles design studio and manufacturer, died on March 12, 2022 in Los Angeles at age 60. On March 12th, 2023, we honored the 1-year memorial of our late CEO.


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"Andy is responsible for creating products many told us were impossible. Well, to quote Capt. Malcom Reynolds: "We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty"." 
- Julian M.

We invited colleagues, friends, and fans to share their memories of Andy:

"I think he would be very proud of what you guys are doing and the leaps and bounds you continue to make in your products!"
- Wes G., Comics The Gathering

"I’m still happy Andy gave me so much work. Miss him."
- Timothy M.

"I was cleaning up my inbox a few weeks ago and discovered my copy of "QMx Insider - Issue 1.0" from Andy, sent back on January 16th... 2007! Featuring highlights of the Serenity Money Packs, BSG dog tags, and Mal pistol update."
- Marty R. 

"I worked for QMx for six months in 2012 - Andy took a risk on me during a difficult time in my life, and although it didn't work out long term he stayed in touch for some time afterward. I will always remember his kind, supportive nature. I hope everyone at QMx is doing well."
- Ben

"He was always a very kind and thoughtful guy."
- Julian H.

"Despite only seeing Andy speak once during a Q-Con event, I felt like he could have befriended anyone he met. His passion was undeniable, overtly tangible, and contagious. He had some awe-inspiring visions that I'm grateful he was able to share with us. Rest in Peace, King."
- Millenio M.

"Miss you, Andy. Thanks for being a terrific mentor and friend."
- Mark R.

"Andy always treated me like family. He drove me home from work himself when I was sick. He introduced me to smoked salmon. He gave me all sorts of cool experiences that I won't ever forget. Andy, you are missed."
- Jill G.

"Andy gave me my first shot into publishing my designs. He was a true fan of the work he put out and I’m so grateful for the space he created in geekdome for others to get to create in. Rest easy Andy."
- Jeff H. 

"Andy was responsible for giving me my start as a professional designer, and I’ll always be grateful to him. Rest in peace."
- Adam L. 



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