Wizarding World Qreatures: Proper Care and Feeding

Congratulations on your new Wizarding World Qreatures Plush! There are many things to keep in mind to make sure your “Fantastic Beasts” feel comfy and welcome in their new forever homes.

NifflerNiffler Qreatures Plush

Known as "useful little treasure detectors", if there's one thing these fluffy duck-billed beauties love almost as much as anything shiny, it's a good cuddle. Make sure they have somewhere warm and cozy to sleep with lots of pillows and blankets. You can even leave a trail of gold coins leading to their bed to help them find their way. Remember to keep a close eye on them too. They've been known to wreak havoc on their surroundings in a furious quest to find their favorite shiny goodies.

HedwigHedwig Qreatures Plush

A trustworthy friend til the end, Hedwig the snowy owl is a great companion both to confide in and deliver your important messages. Find a quiet place on which Hedwig can perch and make sure she gets enough time to sleep and recharge between mail runs. Regular grooming of her super soft coat will also keep her happy as she's quite proud of her luxurious appearance.

BuckbeakBuckbeak Qreatures Plush

This proud Hippogriff is a hybrid of part eagle and part horse who loves to frolic and play. Make sure he has plenty of room to fly around. Buckbeack does best in wide open spaces sine he spent so much time being kept tethered to a post in the Hogsmeade Cave. He'll be so happy when you give him a safe place with plenty of room to spread his wings.

FluffyFluffy Qreatures Plush

Get ready for three times the love -- and three times the appetite -- with your gorgeous new Fluffy. He's three pets in one! It's best to triple up on snacks and treats to make sure you have plenty on hand for these good boys. Fluffy loves lots of pets, scratches behind the ears, and a good game of fetch. Just make sure to bring three bones.
Keep Niffler, Hedwig, Buckbeak and Fluffy well and good in their forever homes and you'll have magical cuddles for life! Click here to preorder your favorite Qreatures plush now.
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