Can I Be a Mongoose Dog

Generally spouting more nonsense than not, GIR of Nickelodeon's Invader Zim, is Zim’s happy-go-lucky robotic assistant. Truth be told, GIR is often one of the many reasons Zim’s plans fail so spectacularly. 

Our 8-inch tall GIR Zippermouth™ features his green “mongoose-dog” disguise that can be unzipped to expose his true robot form, including large teal eyes and posable antenna. Unzip his mouth, and his robot tongue is revealed.

Like all of our Zippermouths™, GIR is a sculptural plush. He’s stitched with great precision using top-quality materials and designed to hold his shape no matter how hyperactive he gets.

Pair him up with his incompetent Irken friend, our Zim Zippermouth™. But be advised, they are likely plotting world domination.



Length: 4.25 in ( 12 cm )

Width: 5 in ( 12.7 cm )

Height: 8 in  ( 20.3 cm )


4.2 oz




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