Its a cat, not Hannibal Lector!

A former pet of Mar-Vell, Flerken of the Marvel Universe may look like an ordinary house cat -- but she’s not!

Flerkens can store entire universes in their mouths which they can open and unleash destruction and death upon their foes. Or someone who annoys them. Which could be anyone considering they are, after all, cats.

Our 9-inch tall Flerken Qreature™ features her orange tabby markings and cat collar with name tag. Oh, and a mess of eldritch horror tentacles protruding from her mouth. Like all of our Qreatures™, Flerken is a sculptural, stylized plush. She’s stitched with great precision using top-quality materials and designed to hold her shape even while swallowing the Tesseract whole.

Pair her up with our other Qreature plush from our first Marvel collection, including our Howard the Duck Qreature™ and Jeffrey the Baby Land Shark Qreature™. Don’t let their size fool you; they are all equally dangerous.



Length: 9 in ( 22.8 cm )

Width: 7.25 in ( 18.4 cm )

Height: 9 in  ( 22.8 cm )


7 oz




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