A Bat and His Dog

Batman and his faithful canine companion Ace are ready to take to the streets of Gotham City. Celebrate the return of Q-Figs with this dynamic duo of the Dark Knight and his dog.

Batman & Ace Q-Fig Elite is the first of many in our returning Q-Fig line. Made with the same quality materials, compelling storytelling, and detailed stylization that QMx is known for, this fan-favorite figural line brings lots of excitement along with its triumphant return.

Created using QMx’s proprietary Everstone™ polymer and measuring approximately 4.8 inches tall from base to top, Batman is depicted in his classic grey and black costume, standing atop one of Gotham’s gargoyles. He is flanked by Ace the Bat-Hound who is dressed in an equally charming Bat-collar and cape. The two stand in front of the Bat Signal, each with a stoic look on their faces. Batman holds his flowing cape in one hand and a Batarang in the other, ready to strike fear into the hearts of any criminal that dares cross his path. Ace, standing on his hind-legs, points his paw forward emulating his owner’s heroic pose.

Preorders for Batman & Ace Q-Fig Elite are now open at the following retailers:


Entertainment Earth

DC Shop 


Length: 4.4 in (11.1 cm)

Width: 5.8 (14.7 cm)

Height: 4.8 (12.1 cm)


Approx 5 oz




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