Spring Q-Con 2021: A Recap

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 During Spring Q-Con, we pulled back the curtain on several brand new Q-Figs currently in progress: Princess Jasmine, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Stitch from Disney; The Predator (featuring a cameo from Ah-nold himself); and the next Q-Figs in our line from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sokka and Katara. We also unboxed our new spring items live on camera, including Mortal Kombat, Airbender Q-Pals, Alien Q-Figs and the newest mutants from the X-Men. Not to be outdone, we were also able to give our fans an early look at the production prototypes from our Disney Afternoon Q-Fig series. Attendees were thrilled to see how Darkwing Duck, the Gargoyles and The Rocketeer turned out, and anticipation is running high for their release this summer. 

But we didn’t just stop there. Not only did we showcase more new products, but we also included our Dealer’s Room as a fun way to score awesome deals from our key retail partners. We created a special landing page for attendees to shop around and score great deals on their favorite products. This will be an important part of Q-Con moving forward and we are continuing to find ways to improve the experience as we work to include more partner retailers like you. 

As we approached the conclusion of Spring Q-Con, we reached the highlight of the event with an appearance by our CEO, Andy Gore. Joining us for a live chat, Andy gave us a look into his professional background, shared interesting facts about the history of the  company, and provided his insights about the collectibles category. Fans were thrilled to ask questions and dialogue with Andy, as it’s not everyday you get to meet the CEO of your favorite company. It was a truly special moment and the cap on an amazing Q-Con weekend. 

If you missed out on the opportunity to attend Q-Con, just click here to see our entire panel schedule and head on over to our Instagram TV where the sessions are archived. Stay tuned, because we will be hosting another Q-Con and Dealer’s Room this summer! 

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